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Workers' Compensation Classifications

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Workers' Compensation Coverage

Texas Workers' Compensation Manual

Updated: August 28, 2013

  1. Wcrules.zip or wcrules.pdf - manual rules and rules index for Workers' Compensation
  2. 99alpha.zip or 99alpha.pdf - alphabetic listing of workers' compensation classifications.
  3. 99numeric.zip or 99numeric.pdf - numeric listing of workers' compensation classifications.
  4. Erplan.zip or erplan.pdf - workers' compensation experience rating plan.
  5. Endform.zip or endform.pdf - workers' compensation endorsements and forms.

A zipped file (.zip) is a normal file that has been compressed to a smaller size so that it takes less time to download. Download it just like any other file, then unzip it using any unzip program.

For workers' compensation claims information, contact: WorkersCompCustomerServices@tdi.texas.gov
For coverage information, contact: WorkersComp@tdi.texas.gov

Statistical Plan

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Last updated: 10/20/2015

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Translation by WorldLingo