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Workers' Compensation Publications

Topics/Types of Publications

Designated Doctor Update Newsletter
Description File Format
Designated Doctor Update, Volume 6 - January 2014 PDF
Designated Doctor Update, Volume 5 - May 2013 PDF
Designated Doctor Update, Volume 4 - October 2012 PDF
Designated Doctor Update, Volume 3 - August 2012 PDF
Designated Doctor Update, Volume 2 - March 2012 PDF
Designated Doctor Update, Volume 1 - January 2011 PDF

Fact Sheets

Injured Employee
Description File Format
Notice of Injured Employee Rights and Responsibilities in the Texas Workers' Compensation System OIEC website
Workers' Compensation in Texas PDF
Prescription Reimbursement PDF
Description File Format
Non-Covered Employers PDF
Employer Rights and Responsibilities PDF
Description File Format
Workers' Compensation Benefits PDF
Temporary Income Benefits (TIBs) PDF
Impairment Income Benefits (IIBs) PDF
Supplemental Income Benefits (SIBs) PDF
Death and Burial Benefits PDF
Average Weekly Wage Calculations PDF
Lifetime Income Benefits (LIBs) PDF
Dispute Resolution
Description File Format
Appeal Rights and Procedures Notice Sent to Parties PDF
Dispute Resolution PDF

Hojas Informativas

Empleado Lesionado
Description File Format
Aviso sobre los Derechos y Responsabilidades para los Empleados Lesionados en el Sistema de Compensación para Trabajadores sitio Web de OIEC
Compensación para Trabajadores en Texas PDF
Reembolso por Recetas Médicas PDF
Description File Format
Empleadores sin Cobertura de Seguros de Compensación paraTrabajadores PDF
Derechos y Responsabilidades del Empleador PDF
Description File Format
Cálculos de Promedio del Salario Semanal PDF
Beneficios de Compensación para Trabajadores PDF
Beneficios de Defunción y por Causa de Muerte PDF
Beneficios de Ingresos de Impedimento PDF
Beneficios de por vida PDF
Beneficios de Ingresos Suplementales PDF
Beneficios de Ingresos Temporales PDF
Resolución de Disputas
Description File Format
Aviso Enviado a los Participantes Sobre los Derechos y Procedimientos del Proceso de Apelación PDF
Resolución de Disputas PDF
Fast Facts for Health Care Providers
Description File Format
Disability Management Overview PDF
Disputas y Quejas en el Sistema de Compensación para Trabajadores PDF
Disputes and Complaints in the Workers' Compensation System PDF
Financial Disclosure PDF
Medical Forms PDF
Review of Medical Necessity Disputes by an Independent Review Organization (IRO) PDF

Last updated: 01/03/2017

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