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Publications and Other Information for Seniors


Covering the Cost of Medicare
Helpful information to help you pay your out-of-pocket expenses associated with Medicare.

Medicare Supplement Insurance Handbook | (Spanish version)
Provides information about Medicare supplement insurance in Texas.

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage (Medicare Part D)
Medicare prescription drug coverage pays some of the costs for prescription drugs at participating pharmacies in your area.

Private Fee-for-Service Plans | (Spanish version)
Information about a different Medicare Advantage option available in Texas.

Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care Resource Page

Long-Term Care Insurance | (Spanish version)
Explains long-term care benefits, limitations, and eligibility requirements. Includes home health care information.

Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Guide
Interested in buying a long-term care policy? Compare rates and policies with this helpful guide.

List of companies selling Long-Term Care Partnership Program policies in Texas

Shopping Tips

Tips When Shopping for Insurance
Shopping for insurance is easier than you might think and can save you money. Follow these simple tips when you´re shopping for the insurance you need.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud
Be cautious when buying insurance. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Learn what to look out for when you´re considering buying insurance.

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Last updated: 09/28/2015

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Translation by WorldLingo