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Companies with Long-Term Care Partnership Program Policies

(Updated August 2016)

Note: Please call the companies to confirm that they're currently marketing plans in your area.  

Company Phone Number
Bankers Life and Casualty Company 1-800-231-9150
Genworth Life Insurance Company 1-888-436-9678
John Hancock Life Insurance Company (U.S.A.) 1-800-732-5543
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company 1-800-272-2216
Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company 1-800-775-6000
New York Life Insurance Company 1-212-576-7000
Thrivent Financial 1-800-847-4836
Transamerica Life Insurance Company 1-800-238-4302
United Security Assurance Company of Pennsylvania 1-800-872-3044

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 08/16/2016

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