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Texas Department of Insurance
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Company licensing and registration

Company licensing and registration

How to get a Texas insurance company license, file rates and forms, and more.


  • Visit our Filing Smart page for more information about filing electronically.
  • HB 1587 amended Insurance Code Section 1152.055 to limit the required commissioner's approval to domestic insurance companies. Domestic companies seeking approval to hold reserves in a separate account rather than the insurer's general account (GASA) with certain annuity and life products should email requests to
  • Company Address Change Portal Information – Need to update a company address? View this webpage for information about address types that you may be able to update using the portal.

Company licensing

Email for official communications: A new rule requires individuals, agencies, and companies with a TDI license or registration to designate an email address we can use to send official communications. Learn how to add or update an email address.

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Company types

For instructions on how to download a list of companies licensed by the Company Licensing and Registration office, refer to “Download Company List Instructions (PDF).”

Authorized and admitted companies

These insurers represent the standard market. The Company Licensing and Registration office incorporates and licenses domestic authorized carriers, and admits foreign insurers, licensing them to operate in the Texas standard admitted market. This office also reviews and approves other related transactions that impact the charter and/or license of domestic insurers and the license of foreign insurers. All filings should be submitted by email. For instructions, please refer to “Electronic Filing Guidelines.”

Registered and non-admitted companies 

When the same kind and class of coverage cannot be placed in the admitted market with a licensed insurer after a diligent search by a licensed surplus lines agent, it can be placed in the non-admitted market with a surplus lines insurer. Due to market availability issues, unique risks or limits which exceed what is available in the admitted market, surplus lines insurance is sometimes available. Financial oversight of these companies is in accordance with the Federal Non-Admitted Reinsurance Reform Act (NRRA), often including higher capitalization levels than the admitted market requires.

The Company Licensing and Registration office also registers Risk Retention Groups, Accredited, Certified, Trusteed and Reciprocal Jurisdiction Reinsurers, and Purchasing Groups. 

Submitted all filings electronically to For instructions on filing electronically, please refer to “Electronic Filing Guidelines.”


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Last updated: 2/12/2024