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Texas Department of Insurance
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Purchasing Groups

The Company Licensing and Registration Office is responsible for registering Purchasing Groups. Purchasing Groups (PGs) are registered under Texas Insurance Code (TIC) Chapter 2201 and regulations are found in Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 13. Purchasing Groups refers to a group engaging in similar business or activities and exposed to similar liabilities that band together to purchase insurance. Purchasing groups are formed under the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act for the purpose of purchasing insurance for their members. The difference between a Purchasing Group a Risk Retention Group (RRG) is that the PG does not bear risk as does the RRG. The commissioner of insurance registers Purchasing Groups if they meet the requirements established under the Texas Insurance Code.

Initial Registration

Registration filings must include a current verification letter or email from the Department of Insurance from the domiciliary state and state of highest aggregate premiums verifying the group's registration in that state. Documentation from the Secretary of State is not acceptable.

TDI Form FIN414, (aka Form PG1 - Notification to the Commissioner of Insurance for Registration as a Purchasing Group). This document includes instructions for PG registration.

TDI Form FIN416, (aka Form RRG/PGC1 - Appointment of Commissioner as Agent). This form is required for all PGs.

Amendment Filing Requirements

TDI Form FIN417, (aka Form PG1R - Purchasing Group Annual Filing or Amendment). Includes Instructions for Annual Filing or Amendment of registration. This form must be completed for any amendments made to the registration during the year. Failure to provide changes to the registration may result in the withdrawal of the PG's registration in Texas.

Annual Filing Requirements - Due July 1 

The annual filing for all registered PGs is due July 1 of each year. The PG1R Form TDI Form FIN417, (aka Form PG1R - Purchasing Group Annual Filing or Amendment) includes Instructions for Annual Filing or Amendment of Registration. This form must be completed for the annual update of registration of a PG. Failure to file the annual filing may result in the withdrawal of the Purchasing Group's registration in Texas.

Annual Agent Reporting Requirements - Due March 1 

TDI Form FIN415, (aka Form PG3 - Annual Agent Report for Risk Retention and Purchasing Groups) - This form is required to be filed by any agent acting as agent of the PG and shown on Form PG1 or Form PG1R. This document includes instructions for completing this form.

Pursuant to TIC Chapter 2201.007, an agent representing a risk retention or purchasing group is required to report to the commissioner of insurance, the activities and scope of services being provided to the group by March 1 of each year. The PG is responsible for distributing a copy of the PG3 form to each agent indicated on the registration. If there are no members or premiums, the form must be submitted indicating zero.

If the PG changes insurers during a calendar year, the agent(s) must include the deleted insurer and current insurer on the PG3 form. If the PG changes agents during the calendar year, the PG must ensure that a PG3 form is filed prior to deleting the agent from the registration.

The PG1R and PG3 forms should be signed and notarized and sent via email to

Additional Resources

  • Various lists are available for download, including Surplus Lines, Purchasing Groups, Accredited and Trusteed Reinsurers and Risk Retention Groups ( Surplus Lines and Syndicates Disclaimer: TDI does not license the insurers on this list, nor does the department have the duty to monitor their financial condition. Further, these insurers are not members of the Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association created under Chapter 462 of the Texas Insurance Code.)
  • The NAIC's Consumer Insurance Search (CIS) provides information about insurance companies. Access key information about insurance companies, including closed insurance complaints, licensing information and key financial data.

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Last updated: 6/9/2022