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Texas Department of Insurance
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Purchasing Groups

Agents must be licensed by Agent's Licensing or email 

Please note, the email address has been discontinued

Initial Registration

A purchasing group must meet the qualifications described in Texas Insurance Code Section 2201.251.

Submit the two forms below, along with a verification letter from the domiciliary state Insurance Department to 

FIN414 (Form PG1) - Notification to the Commissioner of Insurance for Registration as a Purchasing Group

A purchasing group is considered to be located in the state in which the highest aggregate premiums are in force on the date the group insurance policy is written or renewed. The group's location is ascertained on each placement or renewal of insurance by the group with an insurer or risk retention group.

FIN416 (Form RRG/PG PC1) - Appointment of Commissioner as Agent

Annual Filing - Due July 1

FIN417 (Form PG1R) - Purchasing Group Annual Filing or Amendment is due by July 1st.  Submit using the Financial Filing Submission Portal.  

Annual Agent Report - Due March 1

FIN415 (Form PG3) - Annual Agent Report for Risk Retention Groups and Purchasing Groups is due by March 1st.  Submit using the Financial Filing Submission Portal.

Statutes and Regulations

Texas Insurance Code Chapter 2201

Texas Administrative Code Chapter 13 Subchapter D


For more information, contact:

Last updated: 2/29/2024