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Product Evaluation - Decks and Railing Systems

Manufacturer/Distributor Product(s) Report Number
Deceuninck North America, LLC Clubhouse Decking MC-12 (PDF)
Elk Composite Building Products CrossTimbersTM Composite Deck Boards and Guardrail Systems MC-9 (PDF)
Fiberon Composites, LLC Revised Fiberon Horizon Decking Boards and Horizon Fascia Boards, Composite Decking and Fascia MC-18 (PDF)
Railing Systems
Manufacturer/Distributor Product(s) Report Number
AFCO Industries, Inc.  Aluminum Guard Rail System, AFCO-Rail >™ Railing System MC-14 (PDF)
Deceuninck North America, LLC Clubhouse Plus Vinyl Railing System MC-11 (PDF)
Deceuninck North America, LLC Clubhouse Elite Railing System MC-13 (PDF)
Digger Specialties, Inc. Westbury Aluminum Railing Style C Railing Systems MC-15 (PDF)
Digger Specialties, Inc.  Westbury Aluminum Railing Liberty S10 Railing Systems MC-16 (PDF)
Digger Specialties, Inc.  TRX Vinyl Guardrail Railing Systems MC-17 (PDF)

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Last updated: 09/26/2017

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