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Product Evaluation - Fiber Cement Exterior Coverings

Fiber Cement Exterior Coverings
Manufacturer/Distributor Product(s) Report Number
PLYCEM USA LLC Fiber Cement Lap Siding EC-16 (PDF)

GAF WeatherSlide ™ Fiber Cement Siding

EC-64 (PDF)
James Hardie Building Products, Inc. Hardiepanel™, Cempanel®, Hardieplank™, Cemplank®, Prevail™, and Hardieshingle™, fiber-reinforced cement exterior siding, and Hardishingle™, fiber-reinforced cement exterior cladding EC-23 (PDF)
MaxiTile Inc. MaxiPlank, MaxiPanel and multiShake fiber-reinforced cement exterior siding EC-56 (PDF)
MaxiTile Inc. MaxiPlank and MaxiPanel fiber reinforced cement exterior siding EC-56 (PDF)
Nichiha USA, Inc.  Revised Nichiha EX Series Architectural Wall Panels (AWP), Sierra Premium Series Cedar Shakes, and Savannah Smooth boards, Fiber-Reinforced Cement Exterior Siding EC-58 (PDF)
Nichiha USA, Inc.  Nichiha NichiBoard (smooth and primed cedar finish) and NichiPanel (smooth, primed cedar finish, stucco and grooved cedar finish), fiber reinforced cement exterior siding and fiber-reinforced cement exterior cladding EC-59 (PDF)
Nichiha USA, Inc. Nichiha NichiShake EC-73 (PDF)
Nichiha USA, Inc. Nichiha NichiStraight™ and NichiStaggered™ Fiber-reinforced Cement Shingle Exterior Siding EC-74 (PDF)

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Last updated: 04/06/2017

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