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TDI Insurance Complaints Resource Page

Helping You With Your Insurance Complaint - Read the TDI publication to learn more about how we assist Texans with insurance complaints.

To file a workers' compensation claim-related complaint, please visit Workers' Compensation Complaints.

To file an auto, homeowners, life, health, or title insurance complaint, please use TDI’s Online Complaint Portal or you may use the PDF option to complete the form.

Save the PDF to your computer and fill out that version to ensure that the form saves what you type. You can sign the form by typing your name in the signature fields.

Send the PDF to TDI:

  • By email: ConsumerProtection@tdi.texas.gov
  • By mail: MC 111-1A, Consumer Protection, Texas Department of Insurance, P.O. Box 149091, Austin, Texas 78714-9091
  • In person or by delivery service: Texas Department of Insurance, Consumer Protection (111-1A), 333 Guadalupe St., Austin, Texas 78701
  • By fax: (512) 490-1007

Note: We can only accept hard copies, CDs, USB flash drives, and email attachments with documents, photos, and videos in PDF or JPEG format. We can’t accept links to online documents and pictures.

For information about filing an insurance-related complaint, call the Consumer Help Line at 1-800-252-3439 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Central time, Monday-Friday.

Workers' Compensation Claim-Related Complaints

To file a workers’ compensation claim-related complaint, visit www.tdi.texas.gov//wc/smo/wccomplaint.html.

Complaints from Health Care Providers about Health Claim Payments

TDI regulates HMOs and fully insured health plans and can help health care providers resolve complaints with those types of plans. To learn how to file a complaint, visit our web page Guidelines for Filing Complaints from Providers about Health Claim Payments.


Visit our Complaint Data Resources page for complaint indexes and other complaint-related data.

Customer Service Contact

We set high standards for customer service and hope our service meets your expectations. If it does not, we invite you to contact a supervisor or manager in the TDI program area providing that service. The TDI program has the expertise relating to your insurance issue, and it is likely that program staff and management are the ones who can best help you.

Customer Relations Representative

Should you have any comments or suggestions about TDI "Compact with Texans" services and standards, please contact TDI's Customer Relations Representative by email at CustomerRelations@tdi.texas.gov.

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 02/13/2017

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