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Customized On-site Workplace Safety & Health Training

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Workplace injuries and illnesses can jeopardize your company's most important assets: employees and profits. The Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC) can deliver affordable safety and health training at your Texas worksite. If we don't have a training topic that meets your needs, we can create one for you.

The DWC safety and health training courses can be customized to your worksite and processes, and most are available in English and Spanish. If you like, our professional safety trainer(s) can tour your facility and take pictures prior to the training date, and incorporate this information into the course content.

In most cases, on-site training fees only include reimbursement for the travel and expenses of the trainer, if necessary. Our customized training courses are inexpensive, and can be a priceless tool for preventing injury or illness to your employees.

Training Program Descriptions

For more information or to schedule training, call 512-804-4610 or e-mail safetytraining@tdi.texas.gov.

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Last updated: 06/27/2017

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