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Title Insurance Basic Manual

Table of Contents


Indicates new addition since last update. Indicates new addition since last update.
  • P-1. Definitions

  • P-2. Amendment of Exception to Area and Boundaries
  • P-3. Exception to "Rights of Parties in Possession"
  • P-4. Restrictive Covenants Exception
  • P-5. Special Exceptions
  • P-5.1 Exception or Exclusion Regarding Minerals
  • P-6. Co-Insurance
  • P-7. Name of Insured on Loan Policy of Title Insurance or Proposed Insured on Commitment for Loan Policy of Title Insurance
  • P-8. Issuance of Policies Prior to Completion of Improvements
  • P-9. Endorsement of Owner or Mortgagee Policies
  • P-10. Facultative Reinsurance
  • P-11. Insuring Around
  • P-12. Abstract Plants
  • P-13. Truth-In-Lending
  • P-14. Owner Title Policy Commitment to Texas Department of Transportation
  • P-15. Commitment for Title Insurance to or for the Benefit of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Office of Thrift Supervision or Resolution Trust Corporation
  • P-16. Loan Title Policy Binder on Interim Construction Loan (Interim Binder)
  • P-17. Electronically Produced Forms
  • P-18. Commitment for Title Insurance
  • P-19. "Pending Disbursement" clause
  • P-20. Standard Exception Relating to Taxes
  • P-21. Contents of Schedule D to Commitment for Title Insurance
  • P-22. Payment of a Fee for Examination and/or Closing
  • P-23. Division of Premiums between Title Insurance Agents and Title Insurance Companies
  • P-24. Payment for Services Rendered by a Title Insurance Company, Title Insurance Agent, or Direct Operation to Another Title Insurance Company, Title Insurance Agent or Direct Operation
  • P-25. Reasonable Time for Furnishing Title Evidence
  • P-26. Copies of Policies Provided to Agents
  • P-27. Disbursement From Escrow or Trust Fund Accounts
  • P-28. Requirements for Continuing Education for Title Agents and Escrow Officers and Professional Training Program for Title Agent Management Personnel
  • P-29. (REPEALED 02/01/2010) Relating to Taxes Not Yet Due and Payable - See P-20.C.1
  • P-30. Guaranty Assessment Recoupment Charge
  • P-31. Authorized Execution of Directly Issued Policy
  • P-32. Document Retention
  • P-33. Repealed
  • P-34. Repealed
  • P-35. Prohibition Against Guaranties, Affirmations, Indemnifications, and Certifications
  • P-36. Arbitration Provisions
  • P-37. Lack of a Right of Access
  • P-38. Residential Owner Policy of Title Insurance-One to-Four Family Residences
  • P-39. Express Insurance
  • P-40. Standards for Reserve Setting and Reviewing
  • P-43. Limited Pre-Foreclosure Policy (T-98) and Limited Pre-Foreclosure Policy Downdate Endorsement (T-99)
  • P-44. Equity Loan Mortgage Endorsement (T-42)
  • P-45. Texas Reverse Mortgage Endorsement (T-43)
  • P-46. Texas Residential Limited Coverage Junior Mortgagee Policy (T-44) and Texas Residential Limited Coverage Junior Mortgagee Policy Down Date Endorsement (T-45) and Texas Residential Limited Coverage Junior Mortgagee Policy Home Equity Line of Credit/Variable Rate Endorsement (T-46) and Texas Residential Limited Coverage Junior Mortgagee Policy Additional Coverage Endorsement
  • P-47. Supplemental Coverage Equity Loan Mortgage Endorsement (T-42.1)
  • P-48. Dates On and After January 1, 2000
  • P-49. Annual Audit
  • P-50. Restrictions, Encroachments, Minerals Endorsement (T-19) and Restrictions, Encroachments, Minerals Endorsement - Owner Policy (T-19.1)
  • P-50.1. Minerals and Surface Damage Endorsement (Form T-19.2), and Minerals and Surface Damage Endorsement (Form T-19.3)
  • P-51. Texas Short Form Residential Mortgagee Policy of Title Insurance (T-2R)
  • P-52. Delivery of Pro Forma Policies and Promulgated Forms
  • P-53. Rebates and Discounts Prohibited
  • P-54. Access Endorsement (T-23)
  • P-55. Non-Imputation Endorsement (T-24, T-24.1)
  • P-56. Contiguity Endorsement (T-25, T-25.1)
  • P-57. Additional Insured Endorsement (Form T-26)
  • P-58. Report on Directly Issued Policy
  • P-59. Reconciliation of References to Provisions of the Insurance Code of 1951 to Provisions of the Texas Insurance Code as Recodified
  • P-60. Assignment of Rents/Leases Endorsement (T-27)
  • P-61. Timely Provision of Title Policies
  • P-62. Licensing and Location of Title Agents and Direct Operations
  • P-63. Policy Issued to Qualified Intermediary under IRS Code 1031
  • P-64. Subordinate Liens and Leases - Pursuant to Rule P-11.b.(8)
  • P-65. Issuance of Owner Policy Required in Connection with Issuance of Mortgagee Policy
  • P-66. Determination of Amount of Insurance (Policy Amount)
  • P-67. Insured Closing and Settlement Letters (T-50)
  • P-68. Consumer Notice
  • P-69. Issuance of Insured Closing Letters (T-50 or T-51)
  • P-70. Cancellation Fees; Fees for Services Rendered
  • P-71. Texas Limited Coverage Residential Chain of Title Policy
  • P-72. Severable Improvements Endorsement (Form T-54)
  • Indicates new addition since last update.P-73. Closing Disclosure and Texas Disclosure (Form T-64) Effective 08/01/2015

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Last updated: 10/29/2015