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Continuing Education Information for Course Providers

Welcome to the Agent and Adjuster Licensing Office - Continuing Education information page for Providers. This page contains continuing education (CE) information for Providers only. Agents and Adjusters can find CE information on the Continuing Education Information for Agents and Adjusters page.

Continuing Education Rules by Topic

The table below provides references to the continuing education rules concerning providers. The rules are located in the Texas Administrative Code, and can be easily retrieved through a handy Texas Administrative Code Search Tool. For example, to locate §19.602, at the search screen, enter:

Title Number: "28"
Chapter Number: "19"
Rule Number: "602"

Section Topics
§19.602 Adjuster renewal and reexamination requirements
§19.1001 General provisions
§19.1002 Definitions of terms used in rule
§19.1005 Provider registration, instructors, speakers
§19.1006 Course topics and criteria
§19.1007 Course submission, expiration, resubmission
§19.1008 Course advertising, modification, assignment
§19.1009 Types of courses
§19.1010 Determination of hours of course credit
§19.1011 Requirements for successful course completion (CE)
§19.1012 Forms and Fees
§19.1014 Provider compliance records
§19.1015 Failure to comply (licensee and provider)
§19.1016 Automatic fines (licensee and provider)
§19.1017 Adjuster prelicense course and examination requirements
§19.1018 Adjuster examination topics
§19.1019 Full time home office salaried employees

The TDI form FIN515, Application for Provider Registration, is used to become a registered course provider. The TDI form FIN516, Application for Course Certification, is used for submitting courses. These forms have "walk-through" instructions. Providers must maintain a number of items, although they are not required to be submitted with these applications. These items will be part of any audit of the provider done by the department.

Most rejections of applications, both for courses and providers, are due to missing attachments. Providers who may be subject to Texas franchise taxes should attach a certificate of good standing; or an exemption. For more information, visit the Texas Comptroller of Public Account's Franchise Tax Account Status page.

All provider registrations are valid for two years. The department mails renewal reminders along with a short-form provider renewal form, (TDI form FIN520, Application for CE Provider Renewal and/or Change of Contact Information) which should also be used to make changes to an address, Approved Provider Representative, or other data changes. The form and reminder are mailed 60-90 days prior to the expiration date of a provider's registration. These reminders are done as a convenience and courtesy to providers, and we hope it is useful.

All course certifications are valid for two years, unless the provider registration becomes inactive.  If the provider registration becomes inactive, all currently approved courses also become inactive. Providers are responsible for tracking their course certification expiration dates; however, the department may mail reminder notices. A provider may review expiration dates of active courses from the Sircon/Compliance Express - Approved Courses Inquiry lookup. Course dates and provider dates will differ, but if a provider registration expires without renewal, the provider's courses cannot be given for Texas credit.

Course Requirements

All providers are strongly encouraged to read the rules that are referenced in the table above. In general, only courses that deal with technical aspects of insurance coverages, laws, regulations, consumer protection and ethics, and management of the licensee's insurance agency are certifiable.

Course certification fees are $10 per continuing education credit hour requested on the certification application. This fee is not refundable in whole or in part. This includes situations in which a course is rejected or certified for fewer hours than those requested on the application.

Automatic fines have been established for such things as providing a course to students before it is certified by the department or after certification has expired. Read 28 TAC §19.1016 to become familiar with all circumstances where an automatic fine may be assessed on course providers.

Course Rosters

Providers are required to upload course rosters within 30 days of course completion.  Refer to the instructions below on how to upload course rosters:

Go to and click Account Login in the upper right corner of the screen.

  1. Enter the Account ID, Login Name and Password. (Note: If this information has not been provided or is unavailable, contact Sircon Support at 877-876-4430)
  2. From the Online Services Menu click Education
  3. Click Continuing Education Course Completion link
  4. Select a State
  5. Select the provider name from the drop down menu and click Submit. *Course ID and Course Completion date are optional, it's best to leave blank.
  6. Select the course for the roster being processed by clicking on the relating course ID number.
  7. Choose the Submit Method (SSN, License Number, or NPN) of the information that will be supplied to submit the roster.
  8. Enter the Course Completion Date and the information relating to the Submit Method chosen (SSN, License Number, or NPN).
  9. Click Submit (Only click the Submit button once)

The rate for uploading rosters is $0.67 per credit hour for each student.

For more information about continuing education requirements for providers, or if you have comments regarding this page, please write to or call 512-676-6500.

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 4/3/2018