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Financial Regulation Division


Company Licensing & Registration

  • Provide information & advice for potential insurance corporations and insurers seeking admission into the Texas Market.

Financial Analysis & Examinations

  • Reviews statements filed by insurers and HMOs and monitors their financial condition to protect policyholders and the Texas insurance market.

Holding Company

  • Filings - The Financial Analysis activity monitors companies that are members of an insurance holding company system.


Annual statement information that companies file with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) can now be accessed online.

Go to:  Company Annual Statements at NAIC

  • A program capable of reading PDF documents is needed to view the annual statements. To find the financial information, enter the company name and the state in which it is licensed - Aetna Insurance Company, licensed in Texas, for example. If possible, check the policy for the company's correct name because coverage may be issued by a subsidiary with a different name.
  • When entering the company, use only those words unique to that name - Aetna, for example, not Aetna Insurance Company. The lookup function does not work when using the company's full name because the NAIC uses abbreviations for more common words such as INS for insurance and CO for company.
  • Company information is provided "AS IS" with "no guarantee of the truth, accuracy or completeness of the information," according to the NAIC. For more information about the financial statements, please contact the NAIC's Insurance Data Products at 816-783-8700.
  • NOTE: The NAIC Company Search page provides a variety of information. Financial data includes key annual statement data, a key financial profile and basic data about business written, assets and liabilities. Closed Consumer Complaint data also may be available, as well as a chart noting whether that company is writing business in all fifty-five states and territories.


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Last updated: 03/26/2014

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