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Texas Department of Insurance
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TDI working for you


The Texas Department of Insurance protects insurance consumers by:

  • Regulating the industry fairly and diligently.
  • Promoting a stable and competitive market.
  • Providing information that makes a difference.

For more information or to get answers to insurance questions, call our Help Line at 800-252-3439.

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Regulating the insurance industry


Texas law requires most insurance companies and insurance-related businesses to have a license to sell their products or services. TDI licenses:

  • Insurance companies and agents.
  • Third-party administrators.
  • HMOs.
  • Continuing care retirement communities.
  • Insurance adjusters.
  • Public insurance adjusters.

Compliance and enforcement

TDI also enforces Texas insurance laws and rules, investigates misconduct, and takes enforcement action against companies and agents.

We may fine agents and companies that delay claims payments, misrepresent policies, charge inappropriate rates, or commit other unlawful acts.

Financial regulation

To ensure that insurance companies have money to pay claims and expenses, TDI looks at companies' financial conditions and enforces rules to make sure they stay financially stable.

We publish company profiles that show a company's complaint record and other information, including the company's history and any enforcement actions TDI has taken against the company. To learn more about a company, call our Help Line or look up a company.

Insurance fraud

TDI investigates insurance fraud and helps prosecute offenders. The most common types of fraud are selling insurance without a license, over-billing insurance companies, padding claims, or filing claims for losses that didn't happen.

To report suspected insurance fraud, call the Help Line at 800-252-3439.


TDI looks at insurance advertising to make sure they comply with laws and rules, to detect possible fraud, and to guard against misrepresentation.

We can penalize insurance companies and agents who use unfair trade practices or deceptive advertising. Penalties include warnings, fines, and license revocations. In some cases, we may require companies to refund premiums to consumers.

Technical analysis

TDI reviews rates companies file with TDI and provides information to help policymakers and consumers. We also review data to detect problem insurance companies.

Division of Workers' Compensation (DWC)

TDI regulates the state's system to pay medical and income benefits to workers who are injured at work or who have work-related illnesses.

The division:

  • Licenses workers' compensation insurance companies and networks.
  • Approves companies that want to self-insure.
  • Enforces workers' compensation laws and rules.
  • Promotes worker health and safety.
  • Provides access to medical care for injured workers.
  • Administers a dispute resolution system for disputes involving workers' compensation benefits.
  • Provides services to help injured workers return to work.

Helping consumers

Help Line: 800-252-3439

TDI's Help Line staff can answer insurance questions and help with complaints. The Help Line is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central time.

Insurance complaints

We help consumers recover millions of dollars in refunds and additional claim payments each year. If you have a complaint against an insurance company or agent, first tell your company and try to work it out. If you still aren't satisfied, complain to TDI. You can file a complaint online or by mail.

Note about health plans: Most people with health insurance in Texas have a self-funded plan. This means their employer pays the costs of employees' health care, not an insurance company. The U.S. Department of Labor regulates self-funded plans. Because we don’t have authority over these types of plans, we can’t help you with complaints against them.

If you work in the private sector, file a complaint against your self-funded plan with the U.S. Department of Labor. If you work for a school district, city or county government, union, or church, file your complaint with the plan directly.

To find out whether your health plan is self-funded, look at your insurance card. If your card shows “TDI” or “DOI,” then your plan is fully funded and regulated by TDI. If you don’t see this, your plan is self-funded.

Workers' compensation medical and income benefit dispute resolution

DWC resolves disputes about workers' compensation benefits. Call DWC’s Customer Assistance Section at 800-252-7031.

Public education

We provide consumer tips and information in the Consumer section. We also provide information through:

Disaster response

TDI helps consumers after disasters. We provide information about insurance, help people file claims, and help with consumer questions and complaints.

State Fire Marshal's Office

TDI helps protect lives and property against fire hazards.

The State Fire Marshal's Office:

  • Conducts arson investigations.
  • Conducts fire safety inspections.
  • Collects and publishes data from fire departments.
  • Enforces fire extinguisher, sprinkler, and alarm laws.
  • Licenses and regulates fireworks.
  • Educates children and consumers on fire prevention and safety.

To report suspected arson, call our Arson Hotline at 877-4Fire-45 (434-7345)

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Questions? Call us at 800-252-3439.

Last updated: 3/30/2023