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Lifetime Income Benefits (LIBs)

Texas Labor Code (TLC) §§ 408 .161 - 408.162
28 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §§ 131.1 - 131.4

Certain work-related injuries may result in a condition for which you are entitled to income benefits for your lifetime.

Lifetime Income Benefits are paid if you have:

  • total and permanent loss of sight in both eyes;
  • loss of both feet at or above the ankle;
  • loss of both hands at or above the wrist;
  • loss of one foot at or above the ankle and the loss of one hand, at or above the wrist;
  • an injury to the spine that results in permanent and complete paralysis of both arms, both legs, or one arm and one leg;
  • a physically traumatic injury to the brain resulting in incurable insanity or imbecility;
  • third degree burns that cover at least 40 percent of the body and require grafting, or
  • third degree burns covering the majority of either both hands or one hand and the face.

Note: Loss of use equals loss of that body part function.

Amount of Lifetime Income Benefits

Lifetime income benefits equal 75 percent of your average weekly wage, with a 3 percent increase each year.

For example, if your average weekly wage were $500, your lifetime income benefits would be $375 a week:

75 percent of $500 (.75 x $500) = $375

There is a maximum and minimum rate for LIBs. For example, if your average weekly wage were $1,500, your lifetime income benefits would not be $1,125 a week because the maximum rate is $773.

When Lifetime Income Benefits Begin

Lifetime income benefits are paid from the time it is determined that your injury has resulted in a condition that meets one of the qualifying conditions for lifetime income benefits. If there is a dispute over eligibility for lifetime income benefits, the issue is addressed through the dispute resolution process.

When Lifetime Income Benefits End

You will receive Lifetime Income Benefits for the rest of your life.

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Last updated: 09/06/2014

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