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Texas Department of Insurance
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Texas Lloyds Companies

The Company Licensing and Registration Office charters, licenses and processes various related transactions for Lloyds. Lloyds are insurance companies regulated by the Texas Insurance Code, Chapter 941. A Lloyds company consists of an arrangement (Articles of Agreement and Power of Attorney) between an attorney-in-fact (corporate entity or person) and at least 10 underwriters (individual, partnership, or association of individuals) to provide property and casualty insurance.

Despite a difference in the structure between a Lloyds company and an insurance corporation, Articles of Agreement are similar to Articles of Incorporation and Lloyds are required to maintain the $5 million statutory minimum as aggregate of guaranty fund and unencumbered surplus (contributions from the underwriters); very similar to the insurance corporate structure that constitutes capital and surplus. Pursuant to Chapter 941, the Guaranty Fund of the Lloyds is held under a joint control agreement, in a Texas bank, with the Commissioner of Insurance.

Please read instructions on How to Form and License a Texas Lloyds Insurer.

Certificate of Authority and Application


Biographical affidavits must be submitted for each of the underwriters and the attorney-in-fact (if an individual). Biographical affidavits must also be submitted for corporate attorney-in-fact. NOTE: A change to a Lloyds' underwriter and/or attorney-in-fact is considered a transaction in which additional documentation is necessary. A change of attorney-in-fact is subject to the Insurance Holding Company Act, Chapter 823 of the Texas Insurance Code. Also see Charter Amendments below.

Charter Amendments

Conversion of a Lloyds Plan to a Stock Company

  • TDI Form FIN372 (filing instructions) - Lloyds plan converting to a stock property and casualty insurer, pursuant to Chapter 941, Subchapter H, Texas Insurance Code.

Securities Deposit

Pursuant to Section 941.205 of the Texas Insurance Code, a Lloyds company must hold their deposit under Joint Control of the Attorney-in-Fact, Commissioner of Insurance and the Custodian Bank (must be a Texas bank).

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Last updated: 8/10/2022