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Companies Regulated by TDI

  • Authorized Insurance Companies
    A list of Authorized Insurance Companies in Texas. Home Office Name, Attorney for Service, Addresses, Date of Incorporation, License Date, Officer Names, Licensed Lines, Assets, Liabilities and Phone Numbers.
  • Foreign Risk Retention Groups
    Name, Address, Registered Date and Phone number.
  • Premium Finance Companies
    Name, Address, Phone, President, Secretary and Treasurer. Premium Finance Branches list their parent company's identification number.
  • Previous Company Names
    A list that includes the previous names for currently authorized insurance companies, third party administrators, premium finance companies, accredited and trusteed reinsurers; registered foreign risk retention groups, purchasing groups, purchasing alliances and eligible surplus lines companies.
  • Third Party Administrators
    Name, Address, Phone Number, President, Secretary and Treasurer.


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Last updated: 10/14/2015

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Translation by WorldLingo