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Commissioner’s Bulletin # B-0015-14

June 18, 2014

To: All insurance companies, corporations, exchanges, mutuals, reciprocals, associations, Lloyds, or other insurers writing workers' compensation and employers' liability insurance in the state of Texas, their agents and representatives, and to the public generally.

Re: Call for Workers' Compensation and Employers' Liability Rate Filings for the 2014 Public Rate Hearing

This call for workers' compensation rate filings applies to all insurance companies subject to Texas Insurance Code, Chapter 2053 and §2051.002 that write workers' compensation and employers' liability insurance on a direct basis in Texas. Section 2053.056(a) requires the commissioner of insurance to hold a rate hearing each biennium to review rates carriers will charge for workers' compensation insurance in this state. Section 2053.056(b) requires each insurance company subject to Chapter 2053 and §2051.002 to submit its rates, supporting information, and supplementary rating information to the commissioner.

This call outlines the required documents that an insurer must submit for rate filings and supplementary rating information. See the online version of the Filings Made Easy Guide for guidance and complete the interactive PDF forms on the Texas Department of Insurance website at Rate filings must include rate indications based on other than large deductible data. Rate indications at the group level are acceptable if the companies in the group normally make rate filings on a group basis. However, if you provide rate indications at the group level, you must also provide actuarial justification for individual company rate level differences within the group. You should clearly indicate when the rate indications use company-specific or group-specific data. In addition, if you use multiple rating tiers or vary rates by classification beyond the differences in the underlying loss costs or relativities, you must also provide actuarial justification for the rate level differences by tier and classification.

In addition to the elements typically used to develop rate indications, this call requests additional data as described in Part 3 of the attached document.

If your company submitted a rate filing that meets the requirements of this call on or after April 1, 2014, and your company wishes to use that filing as its response to this call, provide a reference to that filing. If the filing met some, but not all, of the requirements of this call, provide the additional material and make reference to the previously submitted rate filing. The referenced filing must have been based on other than large deductible experience through December 31, 2013, valued no earlier than December 31, 2013.

Insurance Code §2053.003(b) does not apply to a rate filing under this call if the insurer does not propose any change to its existing rate levels.

Under §2053.004, rate filings, including any supporting information filed, are open to public inspection as of the date the filing is made.

Rate filings are due by August 1, 2014. Please submit these filings using SERFF. If you do not have access to SERFF, please mail or deliver them to the address below.

Mail to: Deliver to:

Texas Department of Insurance Texas Department of Insurance

Property and Casualty Filings Intake Property and Casualty Filings Intake

Mail Code 104-3B Tower 1, Room 103

P.O. Box 149104 333 Guadalupe Street

Austin, TX 78714-9104 Austin, TX 78701

Insurance companies that are authorized to write workers' compensation insurance in Texas but are not currently writing it do not need to submit the information requested in this bulletin. Instead, these companies should notify TDI about this in writing-either by email or U.S. mail service. If you have questions concerning this bulletin or need to notify TDI that your company is not writing workers' compensation insurance, please contact Nicole Elliott in the Property and Casualty Actuarial Office by telephone at 512-305-7187 or by email at

J'ne Byckovski

Director / Chief Actuary

Property and Casualty Actuarial Office

Attachments: Definitions and Instructions for Rate Filing and Data Request

Premium and Loss Experience Exhibit 2014

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 9/19/2014