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Texas Department of Insurance
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Windstorm System Information


About the system and user guide

Use the Windstorm system to:

  • Find a windstorm inspector.
  • Apply for a certificate of compliance.
  • Find and print your certificate.
  • Apply to become an inspector if you are an engineer.

View the user guide for an overview of system features.

Application requirements

Windstorm system webinar for engineers

Appointed engineers can register for a one-hour webinar that will:

  • Include demonstrations.
  • Provide helpful hints.
  • Answer questions about the Windstorm system.

To register, email


Applying for a certificate of compliance

What are the suggested steps for getting a certificate of compliance?

  1. Find and hire an inspector. See the list of appointed qualified inspectors.
  2. Apply for a certificate.
  3. Start construction.
  4. When construction is finished, the inspector must submit the inspection verification form to us.
  5. After we review and approve the inspection verification form, we will issue the certificate.

Do I need to I fill out an application (WPI-1) before starting construction?

You are required by state law to apply for a certificate before beginning any construction. You can apply on the Windstorm system.

Do I need fill out an application (WPI-1) before I can get a building permit from my local building authority?

Cities and counties set their own building permit requirements. Contact your local building authority for permit requirements.

What information do I need for an application?

See our checklist: Certificate of Compliance Application Requirements

I applied for a certificate and need it right away to get insurance, what can I do?

If you need your certificate right away, call us at 800-248-6032 and press 3.

How long after I submit the inspection form will I get the certificate?

We usually process forms within 48 hours. There may be a delay if there is a system change or if we are handling a high volume of requests due to a disaster.

What documents does TDI need before issuing a certificate for completed construction (WPI-8E)?

The following documents must be submitted before TDI can issue a WPI-8E:

  • A signed WPI-2E application.
  • A sealed post-construction inspection report and supporting documentation, or a sealed design in PDF format.

Applications will be processed after these documents are received.

The structure’s address and Application ID must be included on each document when emailed to The Application ID will be sent to the requestor after the WPI-2E is submitted through the Windstorm system.

Requirements are in Texas Insurance Code 2210.2515.

When should I choose the standardized address?

It is important that we record and certify physical address only. Many times the standardized address will match the physical address, and in those cases, please select the standardized address option. However, the physical address and standardized address do not always match. If you have documented evidence that the physical address is different than the standardized, please keep the physical address and submit all supporting documentation to TDI.

Do I need to submit the application I entered online to TDI?

No, if you entered the application through the Windstorm system, you do not need to submit the paper application to TDI.

Should I submit a separate application for each type of inspection that I perform?

No, to certify a new structure, just select "new" for the inspection type. You will not need to certify each individual step (foundation, framing, roof) separately. For individual inspections on an existing structure (such as reroof, alterations, or additions) you can list up to three on a single application.

Searching for a certificate

Where can I go to search for a WPI-8 or WPI-8E certificate online?

To search for a certificate visit the Windstorm system. If you are on the homepage, click on "Find a Certificate."

Do I need to use wild cards when entering an address to search for a certificate?

No, in our Windstorm system there is no need to use wild cards. You can enter just the first few letters or numbers and the system will search for them without a wild card.

Can I still find a certificate even if I don't know the entire address?

Yes, you can search using the application or certificate number. You can also search using a partial address by entering the street address and only one of the following, city, zip code, or county.

Becoming an inspector

Do I need to mail in my completed form AQI-1 that I submitted online?

Yes, because you must sign the form, TDI must receive it before you can become appointed. For more information amount the appointment process please visit our appointment page. Remember: you must attend the orientation webinar before submitting your AQI-1.

What information do I need to become an appointed inspector?

See our checklist: Inspector Application Requirements.

Where do I find future orientation webinar dates? How do I register to attend and log in?

You can check the dates of future orientation webinars and register to attend on the windstorm system under "Inspector Orientation." Once you are registered, you will get log-in instructions by email.

Using the Windstorm system

What web browsers work best with the Windstorm system?

We don't currently have a complete list however, FireFox, Google Chrome, and the current version of Internet Explorer seem to be most compatible. Your zoom should be set at 100 percent for optimal performance.

Can anyone log into to the Windstorm system?

No. Everyone can use the system to locate, view, and print certificates (WPI-8s and WPI-8Es). Only appointed qualified inspectors, their staff, and TDI employees can log into the Windstorm system.

I am an appointed qualified inspector, but my login expired. How can I reset it?

You can click the "Did you forget your password" on the login screen to reset your password. if you haven't set that up through your profile, you'll need to contact a system administer at TDI. Email or call 512-676-6750.

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 4/11/2024