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Texas Department of Insurance
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Disputes brown bag series

Workers' compensation disputes

Disputes are disagreements between participants in a workers’ compensation claim. Most disputes are about whether an injured employee can get medical or income benefits and the amount to be paid.

Parking at the Barbara Jordan Building

Beginning October 10, 2022, DWC will hold contested case hearings at the new Barbara Jordan Building in the Capitol Complex, located at 1601 Congress Avenue. If you are driving to your Austin hearing, you’ll need to plan for parking. There are a few on-street metered spaces near the building and DWC has arranged a limited number of free parking spots for visitors who have hearings. Here’s a video to help you with parking and entering the building. Learn more...

Dispute resolution resources

Recursos para la resolución de disputas en español

Common disputes

  • Whether the injury, illness, or condition is work-related (in the course and scope of employment).
  • Reasons that an injury may not be covered, such as intoxication or horseplay (exceptions to liability).
  • The right to or amount of income benefits.
  • How to calculate average weekly wage.
  • Death and burial benefits.

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Steps in dispute resolution

Step 1. Talk with your attorney or ombudsman about your dispute.

Step 2. Talk with the insurance carrier’s adjuster about your dispute.

Step 3. Attend a benefit review conference (BRC).

Step 4. Attend a contested case hearing or arbitration.

Step 5. If you don’t agree with the hearing decision, you can appeal (or respond to an appeal) to the Appeals Panel.

Step 6. If you don’t agree with the Appeals Panel decision, you can appeal to a court (judicial review).

Learn more about dispute resolution.

Need help?

  • Call DWC Customer Service at 800-252-7031, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Central time.
  • For issues related to hearings, call Hearings Division 512-804-4010 phone | 512-804-4011 fax
  • For issues related to appeals, call the Appeals Panel 512-804-4020 phone | 512-804-4021 fax