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Texas Department of Insurance
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How do I attend my benefit review conference (BRC)?

What if my contact information changes?

Contact DWC if your address, phone number, or email address changes, or you may miss DWC notices about your claim:

  • Call DWC Customer Service at 800-252-7031 with your new information;
  • Mail your new information to Division of Workers' Compensation
    PO Box 12050
    Austin, TX 78711; or
  • Fax your new information to DWC at 512-804-4011.

Esta información también está disponible en español.

You should attend by video if you can, by using your computer, smart phone, or tablet. If you don’t have internet access, then attend by calling in.

When a benefit review conference (BRC) is scheduled, you will get a letter that tells you the date, time, and how to attend. This letter is called a set notice.

If any detail (such as the date, time, or how to attend) changes after the letter is sent, DWC will mail, email, or call you with updated instructions.

How do I attend online?

Check your set notice and go online to

You will see this:

TDI Division of Workers' Compensation Virtual Proceedings Join Mediation button BRC Exchange button 

  1. Click "Join Mediation." 
  2. At the "Join Meeting" screen, enter the meeting ID that is on your set notice.
  3. Click "Join."

Zoom DWC join meeting page - Enter meeting ID or Personal Link Name and click Join

If you get disconnected, try the online link again.

If you still have trouble, call Hearings at 512-804-4010 for help. 

How do I attend by phone?

Check your set notice for the phone number and Meeting ID.

  1. Call the number provided.
  2. When instructed, enter the Meeting ID followed by #.
  3. Since you are a participant, enter # again when instructed.

If you get disconnected, try to call in again. If you still have trouble, call Hearings at 512-804-4010 for help.


If you have questions or need more information about BRCs or hearings, call 512-804-4010.

Last updated: 8/2/2023