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Texas Department of Insurance
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About arbitration

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If you go to a benefit review conference (BRC), you will talk about disputed issues. If you do not reach an agreement on all issues at the BRC, a contested case hearing (CCH) will be scheduled. However, there is another option. You and the other parties may agree to resolve your dispute and all future benefit disputes through arbitration.  

How does a contested case hearing compare with arbitration?
Contested Case Hearing Arbitration
Hearing set after no agreement at BRC Parties must agree to and timely request arbitration
Judge hears case and makes decision Arbitrator hears case and makes decision (award)
Right of appeal to DWC’s Appeals Panel No right of appeal to DWC’s Appeals Panel
Appeals Panel’s decision can be appealed to court Arbitrator’s decision can be appealed to court in limited cases
Future disputes go to BRC and then CCH Future disputes go to BRC and then arbitration

What is arbitration?              

Arbitration is a process where all parties agree that an arbitrator will consider their evidence and make a final decision about this dispute and all future benefit disputes. The right to appeal is limited.

What will happen at arbitration?

At arbitration, the arbitrator will listen as the parties offer evidence about the issues. Witnesses will answer questions under oath, and each party will explain its side of the case. After the arbitration, the arbitrator will review the evidence and make a decision (enter an award) on each issue.

How do I choose arbitration?

All parties must agree to arbitration and complete and sign DWC Form-044, Election to Engage in Arbitration. There is a deadline. The completed form must be filed with DWC by the 20th day after the benefit review conference.

To file the parties’ request for arbitration, mail or fax DWC Form-044 to:

Chief Clerk of Proceedings, Hearings
Texas Department of Insurance,
Division of Workers’ Compensation
Hearings, Mail Code HRG
PO Box 12050
Austin, TX 78711-2050
512-804-4011 (fax number)

Can we change our minds after choosing arbitration?

No. Once arbitration is chosen, all disputed issues for your claim must go through arbitration.

Learn more about arbitration in Chapter 410, Subchapter C of the Texas Labor Code and in Chapter 144, Subchapter A of 28 Texas Administrative Code.

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Last updated: 5/9/2022