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Texas Department of Insurance
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Voluntary Inspection Program

Some Texas homeowners have trouble getting home insurance due to various reasons, such as the age or location of their home. If the home is in good condition, the homeowner can try to get insurance by going through the Voluntary Inspection Program.

By hiring a Voluntary Inspection Program inspector, you can apply for a “certificate of insurability.”

If you get the certificate:

  • An insurance company can’t refuse to sell or renew a policy because of your home's condition unless: (1) it inspects your home again and (2) it describes the issues in writing.
  • The certificate is good for three years if you don´t make a lot of changes to your property. If you make a lot of changes:
    • An insurance company can require another inspection.
    • The company may also require you to give a written statement saying that there haven’t been a lot of changes to the property since it was last inspected.

To get a certificate, your home must meet certain standards, including:

  • Good maintenance, with no unrepaired damage and no trash, brush, or debris in the yard.
  • Wiring in good working condition, with no flickering lights or evidence of overheating.
  • No curled, cracked, or significantly deteriorated roof coverings, or missing shingles.
  • Plumbing, heating, and cooling systems in good condition and free from leaks.
  • Space heaters and hot water heaters properly vented and not too close to walls and furniture.
  • No unfenced swimming pools, hot tubs, fishponds, bodies of water, or trampolines.
  • Property allows fire-fighting equipment to get to it.
  • No signs of active termites or unrepaired insect damage.

You should expect to pay these costs for a Voluntary Inspection Program inspector:

  • The 2024 inspection fees are limited to $150.87. If you need a follow-up inspection to verify corrections of problems identified the first time around, you will need to pay an additional $75.42.
  • An inspector may charge a fee for mileage for each trip to and from the home, taking the most direct route. They can’t charge more than the IRS standard mileage rate for businesses.

Texas Administrative Code 5.3800

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Last updated: 4/25/2024