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Texas Department of Insurance
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How to get help with a homeowners or renters insurance complaint


Get help or file a complaint following these steps:

Step 1: Talk to your insurance company

Talk to your company or agent. Many problems are fixed this way. Most companies have a toll-free help line. The phone number is on your policy. You can also get a phone number online or by calling our Help Line at 800-252-3439.

If you disagree with the adjuster's estimate, explain why. The company might raise their estimate after hearing your concerns. Send the company any supporting documents such as a contractor’s estimate for the repairs.

Step 2: Ask for an appraisal or hire a public adjuster

Your policy may include an appraisal process to resolve complaints. Learn more about how appraisal works.

Some people hire public insurance adjusters to help them negotiate claims with insurance companies. Learn more about public adjusters.

Step 3: File a complaint with TDI

We can help with complaints about insurance companies, agents, and adjusters we regulate.

We can't help with complaints about service providers, including mortgage companies, building contractors, and roofers. If you have a complaint against a service provider, send it to the licensing or enforcement agency that regulates that provider.

We also can’t:

  • Make a company pay a claim unless the failure to pay violates a law or the terms of your policy.
  • Settle disputes when you and the company disagree about the facts. For example, we can’t determine whether damage was caused by a storm or normal wear and tear.
  • Help with complaints against another person’s insurance company.

File your complaint

Use our online complaint system to tell us about your complaint and upload any documents you think we need. This can be pictures or letters to and from the company. If we need more information, we’ll let you know.

Step 4: TDI contacts the company

TDI will contact the company and ask for a response to your complaint. Companies have 15 days to respond to us and can ask for a 10-day extension.  When a company responds, we’ll look at their response and tell you what it means for your complaint.

It takes 40 days on average to resolve a complaint. There are occasions when we can resolve a complaint in less time.

Step 5: Get legal help

If you’re still not happy with the outcome of your claim, you may need to sue your insurance company. Use these resources to find legal help.


Questions? Call us at 800-252-3439.

Last updated: 12/7/2023