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Texas Department of Insurance
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Complaint data resources

We can help you resolve complaints about property, title, health, and workers' compensation insurance. Learn how to get help with an insurance complaint.


  • Insurance complaint datasets – Complaint data compiled by TDI is available on the’s Open Data Portal. The portal allows users to view, sort, filter, create charts and graphs (“visualize”), and export.
    • Insurance complaints: All data – Each complaint is assigned a complaint number, and the dataset includes a row for each person and organization named in each complaint. This means some complaint numbers are listed multiple times.
    • Insurance complaints: One record / complaint – This dataset does not list the people and organizations named in a complaint. Unlike the “All data” dataset, each complaint number is listed only once.
    • Insurance complaint totals (pie chart) – This dataset is based on the “All data” dataset. It shows the total number of complaints closed by TDI.
  • NAIC consumer complaint reports– The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) combines complaint data from all states to provide the following reports:
  • NAIC Consumer Insurance Search – The NAIC provides a search tool to look up company profiles. The data includes the number of justified complaints filed against the company, financial overview, and licensing report.

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Last updated: 4/11/2024