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Texas Department of Insurance
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P & C Actuarial Rate Filing Templates

What is the purpose of the rate filing templates?

Under Texas' file-and-use statute (Insurance Code Chapter 2251), each insurer shall file all rates, applicable rating manuals, supplementary rating information, and additional information as required by the commissioner.

Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §§5.9330 - 5.9332 (Division 6 - FME - Rate and Rate Manual Filing Requirements) specifies requirements for the filing of this information. The Filings Made Easy (FME) Guide assists filers with regard to rate filings by providing standard exhibits for insurers to use to provide certain required information.

The rate filing templates were created to further assist insurers with compliance of TAC §§5.9330 - 5.9332 by providing additional exhibits.

  • Each template includes a checklist to assist insurers in making full and complete filings.
  • The exhibits included in this template can be used to provide rate indications and actuarial support.
  • For companies opting to use these filing templates, exhibits C, D, E, and L in the FME Guide will no longer be required as they duplicate information included in this workbook.
  • As noted in the checklists, insurers need to provide company support specific to supplementary rating information that is changing, such as class relativities or discounts. Links are provided where TDI has created sample exhibits; for others, companies should look to their own actuarial department for support that meets actuarial standards of practice.
  • Once completed, insurers may attach this entire Excel workbook under the supporting information tab in SERFF in Excel format in addition to the required copy in PDF format.

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Last updated: 9/28/2021