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Texas Department of Insurance
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Have a question about your agent or adjuster license?

Below are answers to the most common questions we get about agent and adjuster licenses.

Visit Sircon to renew your license, check your continuing education credits, and conduct other common transactions.

Applying for a license

How do I apply for a license?

Visit our agent and adjuster licensing page, click on the type of license you want to apply for, and we’ll walk you through the process.

How long does it take to process an application?

We process most applications within one business day. Once we’ve reviewed your application, you’ll get an email with our decision or be contacted to provide more information.

How can I avoid delays when you start processing my application?

Visit our “ Tips for successful application processing” page to learn how to avoid delays.

How do I provide missing information?

It depends on how you sent in your application:

  • NIPR electronic filing: Email and attach your document. Put your name and application ID in the subject line.
  • Sircon :
    1. Select the “Check license application status” tab and enter your information.
    2. Click the “Attach Supporting Documents” button (paperclip icon) in the “Action” column.
    3. Browse for the electronic document on your computer.
    4. Provide a description to give context for the reviewer.
    5. Upload the documents.
  • Paper application sent to TDI:

    Mail your documents to:
    Texas Department of Insurance
    Agent and Adjuster Licensing Office, MC: CO-AAL
    PO Box 12030
    Austin, TX 78711-2030

Managing your license

How do I change the address or my name on my license?

Visit our webpage, “ Do you need to change a name or address?” We’ll walk you through the process.

I am moving to Texas and have a Texas non-resident license. How do I change it to a resident license?

You can update your address by filling out the Application for residency change to Texas (FIN594).

How do I print my license?

You can print your license by going to the Sircon website. There is no charge to create an account or print a license.

Don’t remember your license number? Use our search and renewal page to find it.

How do I renew my license?

Visit our agent and adjuster licensing page, click on the type of license you have, and select “License renewal.” We’ll walk you through the process.

How do I cancel my license?

Visit our agent and adjuster licensing page, click on the type of license you have, and select “Cancel license.” We’ll walk you through the process.

How do I get a letter of certification?

Visit our agent and adjuster licensing page, click on the type of license you have, and select “Letter of certification.” We’ll walk you through the process.

Continuing education

What are the continuing education rules for my license?

Visit our agent and adjuster licensing page, click on the type of license you have, and select “Continuing education credits.” We’ll walk you through the process.

How do I check the status of my continuing education credits?

  • To check how many credits you need: Visit our agent and adjuster licensing page, click on the type of license you have, and select “Continuing education credits.”
  • To check how many credits you have: Visit the Sircon website to view your transcript, look up approved courses, and check your licensing renewal status. If some of your credits are missing, contact the course provider. If you need help, email us at

I got a letter saying that my continuing education is not complete. How do I fix this?

You won't be able to renew your license until your continuing education is complete, and you've paid any fines. There are several ways to fix this:

  • Pay your fine: There is a $50 fine for each hour not completed by the day before your license expires. Payments process in one business day when you pay your CE fines through Sircon. If you don’t have an account, you can create one for free. In Sircon, go to “Services,” “State Specific Services,” and click “Pay State Invoice” to enter the invoice ID on your CE fine invoice. (These fines do not apply to title and escrow licenses.)

    If you have questions, contact Sircon support online or call 877-876-4430.

  • Apply for an exemption: You may be able to get an exemption if:
    1. You have been licensed in Texas for 20 years or more without a break.
    2. You met the continuing education rules for all terms.
    3. You apply by going to Sircon and clicking on “Request CE Exemption.”
  • Apply for an extension: You may be able to apply for an extension due to a medical issue, military duty, or other issues beyond your control.

If I’m permanently exempt from continuing education, do I still need continuing education to sell certain specialty products?

Yes. You’re still subject to continuing education rules for annuities, long-term care partnership products, and Medicare-related products. You’ll find continuing education rules specific to each license on their webpage. To find each license's webpage, go to the  agent and adjuster licensing page.

I have a non-resident license. Do I still need to follow Texas continuing education rules?

It depends:

  • If you have a Texas designated home state adjuster license: You need to follow Texas rules.
  • If you have a license other than a designated home state adjuster license: You must follow your home state’s rules.
  • If your state doesn’t require continuing education: You need to follow Texas rules.

Do I still need continuing education credits if I’m not using my license?

If your license is active, yes. Even if you’re not using your license, you must follow the continuing education rules.

CE obligations apply to the individual, not the license. If later, you apply for a different license type or want to reactivate your old license, we will not issue any license to you until you’ve completed all missing CE hours and paid all penalty fines related to your name.

If you leave the insurance industry, you can cancel your license to reduce fines and course requirements. Cancelling your license with a substantial portion of the term remaining may reduce the CE hours for that term. To cancel your license, complete the Voluntary Surrender form and send it to

When should I take my continuing education courses?

The “begin date” to the “review date” on your online transcript marks the start and end of your review period. Continuing education must be completed during this period to apply. The review date is the same as your license expiration date.

Why are there no continuing education requirements on my transcript for my current license period?

If you still need to meet the continuing education rules for an earlier period, you won’t see what you need for the current period. After you meet the rules for the earlier period, the current period’s information will appear.

Can I take any course to meet the continuing education rules?

Only TDI-certified courses offered by approved providers will count toward your license. A list of certified continuing education courses is at Sircon's  Approved Courses Inquiry. You also can use Sircon to look up a provider, see what courses are available, or find details about a course.

Do I need to report completed continuing education courses to TDI?

Our certified providers post proof of your course credit online. You don’t need to send course certificates to us. You should check your online transcript to make sure all courses you took are posted.

How do I make sure my continuing education courses are credited to the right Texas license?

Continuing education course credit posted to your online transcript will be applied to every license that you hold on the day that you finished the course. If you have more than one Texas license, continuing education posted to your transcript will apply to them all.

Do I have to take extra continuing education courses if I have more than one Texas license?

Maybe. Completed continuing education courses will apply to every license you have on the day that you complete it. If you hold more than one license and they have different start and end dates, it’s possible to meet the rules of one license, but not the other. Make sure you’ve taken the required continuing education hours within each license term for every license you hold.

Why doesn’t my online transcript show all of the courses that I completed?

Our certified course providers must electronically post proof of your continuing education course credits. If you don’t see credit for a course you’ve taken, contact your continuing education provider. Be sure you don’t go over the limit of self-study hours.

If my credits are posted electronically, do I still need to keep my certificates of completion?

Yes. If the course provider fails to post the credit for you, certificates are the proof we need. Because your license can audited by us for the past two license periods, you should keep certificates for at least four years.

What if my continuing education course wasn’t certified by TDI?

There are limited instances in which we will grant credit for unapproved coursework. The form to request this is Request for Qualifying Continuing Education Credit.

Why is a course credit posted to my transcript but not applied to my continuing education requirements?

  • Be sure the credit was taken within your license term.
  • You will get only one credit if you take the same course more than once during a license term.
  • At least half of your required hours must be taken in a classroom or classroom equivalent setting, so not all self-study hours will apply.


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Last updated: 7/8/2024