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Complaint Data Resources

TDI can help you resolve complaints about property, title, health, and workers' compensation insurance. Use the File a Complaint page to file a complaint online or to print the form and mail, email, or fax it to TDI.


  • Internet Complaint Information System (ICIS) - Provides summaries of complaint database files by quarter and by line of insurance.
  • NAIC Consumer Information Source - CIS allows consumers to view a variety information about insurance companies and to file insurance company complaints.
  • Insurance Company Profile - Provides company license information, history, financial data, and number of justified complaints filed against the company.
  • HMO Profiles - Provides company contacts, service areas, general complaint and financial data, and other company information about HMOs. Information sorted by HMO company name. Also provides definitions for commonly used HMO terminology.

Complaint Indexes by Calendar Year

Complaint Index 2016 - Auto | Home | Accident/Health | Life/Annuity | Workers' Compensation
Complaint Index 2015 - Auto | Home | Accident/Health | Life/Annuity | Workers' Compensation

Note:  Copies of the Complaint Index files are available in Excel spreadsheets. Please email your request, indicating the files you are requesting, to CustomerRelations@tdi.texas.gov.

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Last updated: 10/18/2017

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