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Five things your home policy won’t cover


Your home policy pays for damages from fire, tornadoes, hailstorms, and theft. But it doesn’t pay for repairs caused by other issues. Here are five things it doesn’t cover.

  1. Rodent or insect damage

    If rodents and insects chew on your house, your policy won’t pay for the repairs. Inspect your house, roof, and attic to look for any holes you can patch.

  2. Floods and earthquakes

    You can buy separate policies for floods and earthquakes. Ask your agent how to get these policies. If you live along the coast, you also need a separate windstorm policy.
  3. Wear and tear

    Companies won’t pay for damages that happen over time, like rotted boards, cracking window seals, or worn roofs.

    When you buy or renew a policy, the insurance company might inspect your house. They could charge you more or not sell you a policy if your house is in poor condition.
  4. Dead or fallen trees in your yard

    Your policy won’t pay to remove trees or limbs that fell in your yard. Many policies provide some coverage to remove trees or limbs that fell due to storm damage and damage your house or block your driveway.

  5. Expensive jewelry, artwork, and electronics

    Most policies only pay a certain amount if jewelry, artwork, or electronics are stolen or damaged by fires or storms. If you have expensive items, you can buy more coverage.



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Last updated: 6/23/2022