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Does homeowners insurance cover swimming pools?


Summer is the time for getting the most out of your swimming pool. Take a minute to review your homeowners insurance to make sure you're fully covered if you have a pool. Here are five things to think about when reviewing your insurance:

Toddler in swimming pool
  1. The basics

    Many homeowners policies provide minimal or no liability coverage for swimming pools. Talk to your insurer or agent about the right amount of coverage for your pool.

    Property coverage for damage to pools varies with different policies:

    • If your policy makes the pool part of the home, make sure the value of the pool is included in the replacement value of the home.
    • If your policy lists the pool as a separate structure, there may be limits on how much your homeowners policy will cover.
    • If you have an above ground pool, it is likely covered as personal property. Limits on this type of coverage are tied to the replacement value of the home.
  2. Enclosures

    Many insurers – and city ordinances – require pools to be enclosed by a fence and locking gate.

  3. Diving boards and slides

    A diving board or slide may be tempting, but be aware that your insurer may not provide liability coverage for a pool with those features.

  4. Maintenance and landscaping

    Some insurers will not renew coverage for a pool that hasn’t been properly maintained. Also, coverage for trees, shrubs, plants and lawns can be limited. If you put in decks or landscaping around the pool, consider including its value in your policy, too.

    Talk to your insurance company or agent if you have questions or need to discuss increasing your coverage.

  5. Renting your pool

    If you want to rent out your pool, but not the house, you probably need specific coverage. Work with your insurance company to find the right amount of coverage for renting out your pool.



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Last updated: 6/23/2022