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Renting out your home? Check your insurance


Lots of Texans rent out their homes or rooms in them to short-term visitors. But homeowners insurance probably won’t cover the costs if someone else gets hurt or causes damage on your property.

Here’s what you need to know if you rent out your home or stay in someone’s rental property.

  1. Talk to your agent or insurance company

    Most homeowners insurance won’t cover damage to a rental property, or it might limit what it pays for. Ask your insurance company if you should add coverage for paying guests. Some home-share websites and apps offer coverage you can buy.

  2. Consider landlord insurance

    Landlord insurance can give you added protection. Landlord insurance is mainly for traditional, long-term leases, and may not be appropriate for short-term rentals. Ask your agent or insurance company if it makes sense to add it to a homeowner policy or get a separate one.

  3. Make sure you’re protected as a guest

    Your homeowners, renters, or personal liability insurance might provide limited coverage if you damage a rental property or injure someone else while staying in one. Ask your agent or insurance company if your policy would cover a mishap. If you rent often, you may want to add more liability coverage.

  4. What about pools and storage?

    If you want to rent out your pool or storage area, but not the house, you probably need specific coverage. Work with your insurance company to find the right amount of coverage for renting out your pool or storage shed.



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Last updated: 1/26/2024