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Renting amusement rides: 5 tips for a safe event

Rides like inflatables, rock walls, and mobile mechanical rides can provide your guests hours of amusement. Before renting an amusement ride, check out our five tips to help you have a safe event.

Amusement ride inspection sticker

  1. Ride safety

    When finding a ride for your event, don’t let the price be the only deciding factor. Check the safety of the ride by asking if there have been any injuries on that ride that needed medical attention. You also can check our accident and injury reports.

  2. Event space

    Certain rides may require a space that is large, open, level, and clear to set up and operate. Talk to the ride’s owner about your space and find out which rides can operate safely in your area before making any decisions.

  3. Liability insurance

    Before renting a ride, consider liability issues if someone gets hurt. Ask if that ride has a current compliance sticker, which proves the owner has liability insurance to cover that ride. You also can check our list of companies and rides that have compliance stickers. If you’re not sure if the type of ride you want needs a sticker, read our FAQ about amusement rides.

  4. Set up

    Ask the ride’s owner if they will provide staff to set up the ride according to manufactures’ safety guidelines.


    Ask the ride’s owner if they will provide staff to watch the ride’s operation and its riders. A knowledgeable, attentive set of eyes can help prevent injuries.


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Last updated: 1/26/2024