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Texas Department of Insurance
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Teaching Materials

Dear Teacher:

Welcome to the Teachers Corner to help educators find helpful PowerPoint presentations, publications, and activities to help students understand basic insurance and fire safety.

Although the insurance curriculum is targeted for eighth grade, the material is appropriate for junior high and high school age students as well. It contains enough material to be covered during two 50-minute class periods.

Fire Safety for Texans is a series of fire and burn prevention curriculum guides (K-12) developed by the State Fire Marshal´s Office (SFMO). The SFMO believes the key to reducing fires and fire deaths is through a comprehensive, age-appropriate approach to fire safety education. After extensive research and testing, with the help of teachers from across the state, this series is made available to those who teach fire safety.

Insurance and Fire Safety Curriculum Guides
Insurance Curriculum Fire Safety Curriculum
Insurance Curriculum (Lesson Plan) Fire Safe Together (Kindergarten)
Insurance Pre-Test Fire Safety: Any Time, Any Place (First Grade)
Insurance Pre-Test (Answer Key) Making Me Fire Safe (Seconde Grade)
What You Should Know about Insurance (PPT) Positively Fire Safe (Third Grade)
Lines of Insurance (PPT) Fire Safety: Stop the Heat (Fourth Grade)
Learning the Ropes (Activity Sheet) Charged Up for Fire Safety (Fifth Grade)
Learning the Ropes (Answer Key) Fire Safety Power (Sixth Grade)
Insurance Time Line (Activity Sheet) Responsible For Fire Safety (Seventh Grade)
Insurance Time Line (Answer Key) Fire Safety's My Job (Eight Grade)
How Much Does Insurance Cost? (Activity Sheet) Fire Safety For Consumers (High School Economics)
A Lifetime For Fire Safety (High School Health)
Fire and Burn Prevention Education In Texas (Scope and Sequence)

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