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Auto insurance for kids

It's never too early to learn about car insurance. When you start driving, you will have to get car insurance. It's the law in Texas. Most other states also require you to have car insurance.

What kinds of things can happen to your car?

  • You could have a wreck.
  • Someone could steal it.
  • Hail could dent it.
  • A flood could wash it away.

Car insurance can help you fix your car. And if you have a wreck, car insurance will pay to fix the other person's car too. It will even pay for people who are hurt in a wreck to go to the doctor.

If you don't have car insurance and something happens to your car, you will have to pay to fix it yourself. The great thing about insurance is that it will help you pay!

How much does car insurance cost?

The cost of car insurance is different for different people. Insurance companies ask you questions when you buy insurance. This tells them things about you that helps them know how much to charge. They will want to know where you live. If you live in a big city you will pay more for insurance. That's because there are more people in cities. If there are more people driving, then it's easier to have a wreck. The insurance company will ask you what kind of car you drive. Insurance costs more for a really fast car than for a slow one. The company will also want to know how old you are.

If you're still in school, the insurance company might ask about your grades. Some companies charge less for students with good grades. Make good grades now to save money later!

Shop for insurance

Shopping for car insurance can save you money. Print out these booklets. They can help you find good deals. Give them to your parents and to people you know who need insurance:

Shopping smart
Automobile insurance guide

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