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Ways to Play It Safe

How to be smart about fire safety | Ways to play it safe | What is a disaster? | Disaster ready kit

School Buses

  • Arrive at the bus stop 5 - 10 minutes before it is supposed to get there (that way you are not running to catch it!).
  • Always stand in the grass or on the sidewalk away from the curb. Never stand in the street while waiting for the school bus.
  • When riding on a school bus, always stay in your seat. Do not stick any part of your body outside the window.
  • When you get off a school bus, take 5 giant steps away from the school bus (usually on the grass or sidewalk). NEVER walk in front of a school bus (the driver cannot see you)!

Swimming Pools

  • Never swim without an adult.
  • If you do not know how to swim, make sure to wear floaters ("floaties") or a life jacket.
  • Do not eat 30 minutes before you get into the water.
  • Always wear sunscreen so you do not get sunburned.


  • Always sit in the backseat if you are under 12 years old (the airbags are can be very dangerous).
  • Always buckle your seat belt before going anywhere.
  • Never stick any part of your body outside a moving car.
  • When you are near cars, always watch where you are going (sometimes drivers cannot see you).


  • Never put your face in another animal's face - they may see you as a threat and bite you!
  • Always allow an animal you do not know to sniff you before trying to pet it.
  • Never hit or kick an animal.
  • If you have a pet, remember to take good care of it!


  • Always wear a helmet when you ride your bike.
  • If you ride your bike in the street, make sure to use proper road signals and watch out for cars!
  • Hold on to your handlebars.
  • Do not let anything hang off your bike that may get caught in the wheels or chains.

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