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Texas Department of Insurance
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December 29, 2022

How to get reimbursed for COVID-19 tests you buy


If you buy a COVID-19 test, there’s a good chance your health plan will cover your costs.

Two ways to shop:

  • Buy your own tests: Most health plans will pay you back for COVID-19 tests you buy at the store or online. Save your receipts.
  • Ask your health plan:
    • How much it will pay to reimburse you for a COVID-19 test and for how many. Most plans will pay up to $12 per test for up to eight tests per month.
    • What steps you have to take to get paid back (reimbursement).
    • If you can get tests for free at a particular store, without needing to send in receipts.
  • Call your doctor: Your doctor may be able to provide a COVID-19 test, at no cost to you.

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