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Texas Department of Insurance
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Escrow officer

Apply for a license


You do not need to take an exam for an escrow officer license.

Fingerprint background check

  • Most people who apply for this license must: (1) get a fingerprint background check from IdentoGO, and (2) send us a copy of the IdentoGO receipt showing that their fingerprints were sent to the Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • You do not need to get a fingerprint background check if you live in Texas and have: (1) an active license or registration with us, and (2) already submitted fingerprints on or before January 1, 2001.
  • You will need to get a fingerprint background check if you had an escrow officer license that was not in good standing within 60 days of the postmarked application.
  • Begin the application process on TDI’s online initial application and fingerprint portal to receive your fingerprint service code and instructions.


  • You can apply for an escrow officer license only if you are a resident of Texas or state next to Texas.
  • You must apply online using Sircon and choose “New Insurance Licenses.” Information about other forms you might need to attach to your application such as the Escrow officer appointment form (FINT09) is included on the online form.
  • You must fill out and attach your Escrow officer appointment form (FINT09) with your application.
  • You must give information from your fingerprint receipt on the application if you do not have a current, active Texas resident insurance license with fingerprints on file. See “Fingerprint background check” above for important details.
  • The application fee is $35.

Non-resident license

The Texas escrow officer license is available only to people whose primary residence is in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas, or Oklahoma. Residents from other states can’t be licensed as a Texas escrow officer.

Temporary license

A temporary license is not offered for an escrow officer license.

Emergency license

An emergency license is not offered for an escrow officer license.

Provisional permit

A provisional permit is not offered for an escrow officer license.

Laws and rules

Laws about the escrow officer license can be found in the Texas Insurance Code, section 2652 and the Title Basic Manual, section VI, L-2.

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Last updated: 2/5/2024