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Appointment Transactions

The preferred method of making additional appointments or terminating appointments of licensed agents is to file electronically through the National Insurance Producers Registry (NIPR) Gateway, or through one of a number of NIPR-compliant vendors. Sircon for States is a NIPR-compliant vendor. The use of online services is a core strategy in managing the high volume of requests received by our department (The Agent and Adjuster Licensing Office (AAL) oversees over 1.3 million online and paper transactions annually.)

Online Appointments or Terminations

Appoint or terminate appointments of licensees:

NIPR is an initiative and affiliate of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Using an NIPR Gateway transaction, companies may appoint agents electronically for a specific state, or record the appointment transaction in many states at the same time. The transaction layout and more information about the NIPR Gateway is available at the NIPR website That website also provides telephone numbers of contacts at NIPR for information concerning use of the Gateway and third-party vendors. Sircon for States also has a facility for the addition/termination of an appointment. For more instructions concerning the use of this facility, please call Sircon for States at 1-877-876-4450.

NOTE: Terminations for cause CANNOT be submitted online, and must be submitted to TDI directly in writing.

Paper Filing Appointments or Terminations

Paper application submissions are not uncommon and are required for certain transactions. The correct form for paper appointments or appointment terminations is FIN501 – Notice of Appointment or Appointment Termination (REV. 01-17).

30-Day Window

By law, an agent may act on behalf of an appointing carrier before the appointment filing is received by the department. Written appointment verification from TDI is not required for an agent to be given supplies and allowed to accept business, if the appointment is filed within 30 days of its effective date in the carrier's record. Date processed is recorded in TDI records, and any effective date requested by a company will be ignored, because of this 30-day window.


Subagent appointments or terminations must be made by filing the FIN501 – Notice of Appointment or Appointment Termination (REV. 01-17).

This form is used to report an insurer’s or agent’s appointment, or any termination of an appointment of an agent or subagent. Effective immediately, TDI staff will direct the public to use the new version (FIN501) to report appointments. It is understood that the previous version (TDI-501) of this form is still in circulation and will be accepted upon receiving it from the public.

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Last updated: 4/3/2018