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TDI Fraud Unit

Trends in Insurance Fraud

Medical identity theft. Thieves steal health insurance information and other identifiers to make false claims. Criminal rings traffic in stolen medical identities. Cyber hacking of health provider databases increases the threat.

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Report Fraud

To file a complaint against an insurance company or agent, use our online Consumer Protection complaint forms.

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Report Insurance Fraud

Texas Department of Insurance
Fraud Unit
P.O. Box 149336
Mail Code 109-3A
Austin, TX 78714-9336

Fraud Scams

  • Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
    Since its founding in 1993, the coalition has worked effectively to:
    • Enact tough new anti-fraud laws and regulations
    • Educate the public how to fight back
    • Serve as a national clearinghouse of fraud information
      Source: Coalition Against Insurance Fraud website

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Translation by WorldLingo