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Texas Department of Insurance
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Windstorm Inspections Newsletter

March 2024

New features in the TDI Windstorm System

Users will now upload supporting documents through the Windstorm System as part of the submittal process for form WPI-2E. This eliminates the requirement to email supporting documents to TDI separately for completed construction projects.

  • Documents can be attached to a new application or added to an existing application.
  • You can only see documents you upload. You will not see documents uploaded by TDI or a previous engineer.
  • Once you submit a document, it cannot be removed or updated.
  • TDI has also added a history log to the application view for both ongoing and completed construction.

Get more information on these new features including how to upload and submit documents.

Certification of structures in the Coastal Barrier Resources Area

Structures on property located in the Coastal Barrier Resource Area (COBRA) must have a building permit or a plat filed with the municipality, the county, or the Corps of Engineers before June 11, 2003.

COBRA areas are seaward of the intracoastal canal located in a First Tier Coastal County, such as Brazoria, Galveston, Matagorda, and Kleberg.

For detailed information please see Commissioner’s Bulletin #B-0024-03.

Requests to update WPI-8 or WPI-8E Certificate

TDI no longer accepts requests via telephone to change the status of a certification for updates.

TDI must receive an email from an AQI/P.E. to ask for a status change for updates.

The email request must include:

  • Application ID.
  • Address.
  • General description of the requested change, such as:
    • Inspection type.
    • Address.
    • Inspection outcome.

For more information, contact:

Last updated: 3/14/2024