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How do I know if I am in a Certified WCNet?

The purpose of this webpage is to provide the statutes, rules, and additional information that will assist an injured employee in determining if they are required to use a Certified Workers' Compensation Network.

Ask your Employer

You may find out if you are required to use a certified workers' compensation network (WCNet) by asking your employer. If your employer has agreed to purchase workers' compensation coverage through a WCNet, they are required to notify you by delivering to you the " Notice of Network Requirements" (Notice) and Acknowledgement Form ( View a sample acknowledgment form). The Notice describes the WCNet's requirements for obtaining health care for your injury through its network of physicians/providers. The Acknowledgement Form is a document retained by your employer that you sign acknowledging that you have received notice of your requirement to use in-network physicians/providers. The WCNet may also provide the Notice and Acknowledgement Form on behalf of the employer. Once you have received the notice and acknowledgment you will be required to obtain health care for your injury through in-network physicians/providers. If you obtain care from a non-contracted physician/provider, out-of-network, without prior approval from the WCNet, you may be held financially responsible.

Am I required to use the WCNet my employer has elected?

An employee who suffers a compensable injury is generally required to use the Workers Compensation Network (WCNet) selected by their employer. The following are a few instances when the employee is not required to use the WCNet.

  • Emergency care;
  • An employee who does not live in the WCNet service area, and;
  • Health care provided by an out-of-network provider as a result of a referral from the injured employee's treating doctor that has been approved by the network.

Additionally, employers are required to give employees a Notice of Network Requirements and obtain a signed acknowledgment form ( View a sample acknowledgment form) from each employee that the employee has received information concerning the network and the network's requirements. The notice must be given to the employee no later than three days after being hired as well as any time the employer receives actual or constructive notice of an injury to an employee. An injured employee is not required to comply with the network requirements until the employee receives the notice. An injured employee who has received the notice of network requirements but refuses to sign the acknowledgment form remains subject to the network requirements.

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Last updated: 2/28/2018