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Medical Contested Case Hearing Decision Manual - Acronym List

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Acronym Phrase
ALJ Administrative Law Judge
APD Appeals Panel Decision
AWP Average Wholesale Price
BMI Body Mass Index
CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
CPT Current Procedural Terminology Codes
DD Designated Doctor
Division Division of Workers' Compensation
DWC Division of Workers' Compensation
EBM Evidence-Based Medicine
EOB Explanation of Benefits
HCI Health Care Insurer
HCP Health Care Provider
HO Hearing Officer
IRO Independent Review Organization
IC Insurance Carrier
IE Injured Employee
IW Injured Worker
MAR Maximum Allowable Reimbursement
MCCH Medical Contested Case Hearing
MDA Medical Disability Advisor
MDR Medical Dispute Resolution
MFDR Medical Fee Dispute Resolution
NPI National Provider Identifier
ODG Official Disability Guidelines
RD Referral Doctor
RME Required Medical Examination
SOAH State Office of Administrative Hearings
SS Spinal Surgery
TD Treating Doctor
U&C Usual and Customary
URA Utilization Review Agent

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Last updated: 11/26/2019