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How to save on home and car insurance by staying safe


You can save money on your house and car insurance by deterring criminals and preventing accidents.

House diagram
  1. Ask your company about discounts.

    Some insurance companies offer discounts if you’ve taken steps to keep your house and car off a criminal’s hit list. Companies might offer discounts for:

    • Car security alarms or other types of anti-theft devices.
    • Home alarm systems.
    • Homes that were recently renovated.
    • Fully monitored outdoor cameras on your house.
    • Few or no claims filed on your policies.
  2. Make your house and car less attractive to thieves.

    Keeping burglars away from your house keeps your property safe and prevents having to file an insurance claim. Protect your property by:

    • Keeping your doors and windows locked. Install deadbolts.
    • Being home when packages are delivered or have them delivered somewhere secure.
    • Turning on outside lights at night or put them on timers.
    • Closing your garage door, even if you’re home.
    • Always lock your doors. And park in your garage if you can. Parking outside makes it easier to steal your car, valuable parts (like your catalytic converter), or any valuables left inside your car.
    • Getting your car’s VIN etched on the windows to help identify your car if it’s stolen.
  3. Keep your house and yard in good shape.

    Someone from the insurance company may inspect the outside of your house when you apply for insurance. The company you chose with the best policy and price might not want to sell you insurance if your house is in bad shape.

    To improve your home’s safety and appearance:

    • Replace rotting boards, sagging screens, and other damage.
    • Fix cracks in walkways, loose railings, uneven steps, and things that could cause accidents.
    • Replace a damaged or worn roof.
    • Keep your yard clean and trimmed.
    • Remove tree limbs hanging over your house.
    • Touch up paint that is peeling or faded.



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Last updated: 5/15/2024