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Your health plan can help you quit smoking or lose weight


If you’re trying to quit smoking or lose weight, your health plan may be able to help. Most health plans in Texas have tools and programs to help your reach those goals. Here are tips for the most common health goals.

  1. Losing weight

    Most health plans offer free or discounted weight loss or wellness programs. Check your health plan’s website to see what’s available.

  2. Stop using tobacco

    Most plans offer free tobacco cessation programs or discounts on products that help you quit. Some health plans charge you less after you quit.

  3. Join a gym

    Check to see if your health plan offers discounts on gym memberships or fitness equipment. Most do.

  4. Be more active

    Most health plans have free apps that help track your workouts, count your steps, or manage eating habits. If you track a habit, you’re a lot more likely to change it.



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Last updated: 2/24/2023