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Does my auto insurance cover my carpool in an accident?


Ask your insurance company these questions to make sure your carpool is covered.

two people drive in a car
  1. Does my policy cover all drivers?

    Policies generally cover anyone who drives your car as part of a carpool. But ask your insurance company to be sure.

  2. Do I need extra coverage in case of accidents?

    Costs of injuries and vehicle damages can add up, especially if your carpool is involved in an accident with more than one other vehicle. If you go over the dollar limit of your liability coverage after an accident, you might have to pay part of the cost of injuries and damage. To be better protected, consider raising the limit on your coverage. This could save you money down the road.

  3. Are there other coverages I should consider?

    You may want to add personal injury protection or medical payments coverage. Both cover medical bills whether you’re at fault or not and even if you’re riding in someone else’s vehicle. Talk to your agent about differences in coverage.

  4. Is my carpool really a carpool?

    Not all groups of people riding together are considered carpools. If you’re driving for hire or regularly charging a fee for rides, your insurance probably isn’t going to cover you. Ridesharing is getting paid for driving other people; to insurance companies, that’s not a carpool.



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Last updated: 5/15/2024