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Texas Department of Insurance
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What you need to know about continuing ed

Keeping your continuing education (CE) credits up to date helps you better serve Texas consumers. Stay current with state requirements to avoid penalties. If you have a question about CE, email or call 512-676-6500.
  1. What do I need to know about continuing education?

    • Check how many CE hours you need at TDI-Agents and Adjusters. Click your license type and select “Continuing education credits.” Some licenses require specific topics.
    • At least half your CE hours must be earned in a classroom or classroom equivalent environment, such as an online course. Always check the instruction method before you sign up.
    • You must complete all CE hours by your license expiration date. Check the expiration date on your CE transcript on Sircon.
    • Some insurance-related courses offered by a State Bar, Board of Public Accountancy, or accredited college, law school, or university count as CE credit. Use FIN522: Licensee Request for Qualifying Credit to request credit.
  2. Where do I start?

    • Check out the CE-FAQ guide.
    • Find TDI-approved courses on Sircon. Click “Look up Courses or Transcript.” Search for a single course with “Approved Courses Inquiry” or search for a CE provider with “Approved Provider Inquiry.” If you need help, email or call 512-676-6500.
    • Review your CE transcript on Sircon. Click “Look up Courses or Transcript,” click “Continuing Education Transcript Inquiry,” then enter your information.
    • If you finished a course but the credits are missing, contact the company that offered the course. They have 30 days to update your transcript.
  3. What do I do if I don’t have enough CE?

    You can’t renew your license if you don’t have enough CE or haven’t paid your fines.

    • There’s a $50 fine for each CE hour you didn’t complete by your expiration date. To pay the fine, fill out the CE Automatic Fines Transmittal Form and send it with your fine. Terms that ended after June 1, 2018, have a maximum of $500 in fines.
    • If you’ve been licensed in Texas for 20 years or more, or you had an illness, medical disability, or other extenuating circumstances that prevented you from completing required training, you may qualify for a continuing education exemption. Use our Application for CE Extension/Exemption to see if you qualify.
  4. Do non-residents need CE?

    Only if they have a Texas designated home state adjuster license.

  5. Do I need CE if I don’t use my license?

    If you want to give up your license, you must request a surrender by sending your name, license number, and signature to If you decide later to reactivate your license or get a new license, you will still need to complete any pending CE hours and pay existing penalties.

  6. What about CE for title and escrow officers?

Learn about continuing education credits for title officers and escrow officers

Questions? Call us at 512-676-6500.


Last updated: 11/2/2023