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SDR Contract Administration

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On or after 7/1/2013, the Commissioner of Insurance ("Commissioner") will be accepting applications from those individuals or legal entities interested in qualifying as Special Deputy Receiver (SDR) candidates for insurance receiverships in the State of Texas. Successful applicants will be eligible to submit competitive bids as "Eligible Applicants" to provide services as an SDR.

Individuals or entities previously qualified under RFQ-SDR-2010-1 issued in 2010 MUST re-apply under RFQ-SDR-2013-1.

An SDR's duties typically include:

  • Securing control of the insurer's operations, property, and records
  • Evaluating, collecting, investing, and liquidating assets as appropriate
  • Evaluating the insurer's work force to ensure proper staffing during all stages of receivership
  • Supervising litigation filed by and against the receivership estate
  • Operating information systems and extracting data
  • Investigating the liability of any parties responsible for the insurer's condition
  • Identifying any preferential transfers
  • Providing notice to policyholders, claimants and interested parties
  • Handling claims, and coordinating with state insurance guaranty associations
  • Creating and filing financial reports
  • Distributing assets to approved claimants

RFQ applicants who are approved, Eligible Applicants, will be notified on or after September 1, 2013. Eligible Applicants may submit bids on any Requests for Proposals ("RFP") for an SDR that are issued on or after September 1, 2013 until a future time, determined by the Commissioner. TDI reserves the right to issue other RFQs for Eligible Applicants, if needed, at any time during the term of this RFQ.

TDI is not responsible for any costs incurred in responding to this RFQ or any subsequent RFP, and reserves the right to accept or reject any or all applications. Approval as an Eligible Applicant does not confer any rights to the applicant. TDI is under no obligation to award a contract on the basis of this RFQ or an RFP. An SDR is typically appointed only after the issuance of an RFP and the acceptance of a bid proposal by the Receiver.

The RFQ and application forms will be published on the TDI website on or after 7/1/2013. The forms may be downloaded at that time from this web page: See 2013 RFQ PROCESS INFORMATION section below.

Contact Information
Questions & Answers regarding the RFQ will appear as needed on TDI's website at the address listed above. For a paper copy, contact John Peters, Texas Department of Insurance, Financial Program Contract Administration, P.O. Box 149104, MC 303-RLO, Austin TX 78714-9104, telephone (512) 676-6434, or e-mail

Evaluation Criteria
Submissions will be evaluated on the basis of the criteria set forth in the RFQ.


Chapter 443 of the Texas Insurance Code governs receiverships of entities engaged in the business of insurance. When an entity is placed into receivership, the Commissioner of Insurance ("Commissioner") is appointed the Receiver. As Receiver, the Commissioner is authorized to appoint a Special Deputy Receiver ("SDR") to carry out his or her duties.

SDRs are selected through a competitive bidding process, consisting of two phases:

  1. Applicants are qualified through a Request for Qualifications ("RFQ"). The purpose of the RFQ is to determine that an Applicant meets certain standards to serve as an SDR. Applicants meeting the requirements of the RFQ ("Eligible Applicants") may be eligible to submit a bid in response to Request for Proposals ("RFP") for an SDR. For more information, please refer to the RFQ Process Information section on this page.
  2. When it is determined that it may be necessary to appoint an SDR in the near future, a Request for Proposals for an SDR may be issued. Eligible Applicants may submit a bid in response to the RFP. The bids are evaluated with respect to certain criteria such as qualifications, experience, and cost. The RFP process encourages the participation of Historically Underutilized Businesses ("HUBs") certified by the Texas State Comptroller under §2161.061 of the Government Code.

The RFQ and RFPs are coordinated by the Financial Contract Administrator within the Financial Regulation Division, who oversees the bidding and evaluation process for SDRs. The Rehabilitation and Liquidation Oversight office of the Financial Regulation Division is responsible for monitoring the performance of SDRs. For information regarding current receiverships, please refer to the Rehabilitation and Liquidation Oversight web page.

2013 RFQ PROCESS INFORMATION ( Return to top)

The following links are for applying to become an Eligible Applicant after 9/1/2013, until a future time determined by the Commissioner.

Attachment 1A should be used if the Applicant is an entity and Attachment 1B should be used if the Applicant is an individual.

All Applications will be reviewed to determine if they are properly completed. Completed applications will be submitted to an evaluation committee of TDI employees appointed by the Commissioner. The evaluation committee will consider the experience, abilities, references and/or background checks of the applicant and the Principal Responsible Party (PRP), if applicable, to determine applicant's compliance with the requirements of the RFQ.


SDRs frequently use subcontractors in certain areas, such as legal, accounting, information technology, reinsurance, and claims processing, among other services. The SDRs are responsible for selecting and monitoring their subcontractors. Potential subcontractors are encouraged to register for the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Centralized Master Bidders List ("CMBL"), and register as a HUB, if applicable. By registering on the CMBL, you may receive notification of certain contracting opportunities. Further information is available from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website at:


The following are examples of functions that may be considered for subcontracting in a receivership:

  • Accounting (including tax and forensic accounting)
  • Claims adjusting
  • Reinsurance collection
  • Legal services
  • Records management
  • Asset recovery
  • Computer analyst, security and data entry

These examples are included for illustration purposes only. The subcontracting of particular functions in a receivership will depend on the circumstances. Anticipated subcontracting opportunities may be identified in each RFP and bidders may identify other functions that may be subcontracted in a Bid Proposal.


Reserved for Future Use


SDR Eligible Applicants List


The most recent estates where an SDR was appointed are provided below.

Millennium Title
Cantilo & Bennett, L.L.P., Special Deputy Receiver - Susan Salch
Phone: (512) 478-6000

San Antonio Indemnity Insurance Company
Milford Consulting, LLC, Special Deputy Receiver - Kathy Milford
Phone: (512) 426-7013

Universal HMO of Texas
Craig A. Koenig, Special Deputy Receiver
Phone: (512) 894-3705

Santa Fe Auto Insurance Company
Cantilo & Bennett, LLP, Special Deputy Receiver - Susan E. Salch
Phone: (512) 478-6000

Gramercy Insurance Company
Resolution Oversight Corporation, Special Deputy Receiver - Ernesto A. Garza
Phone: (210) 490-8808

QUESTIONS? ( Return to top)

For questions regarding the SDR contracting process or for more information, please e-mail

For more information, contact:

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