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Texas Department of Insurance
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Request for review by an IRO

Which type of review do you need?

  • For workers’ compensation and disease-specified plans (like cancer plans), you can ask for a review by an independent review organization (IRO). There are more details below.
  • For all other health plans, ask your health plan for an external review. Learn more: How to file an appeal or ask for an external review

How do I file an IRO request?

  • Utilization review agents (URAs), payers, insurance companies, and their authorized representatives:
    Use the Online IRO Request System. (Instruction manual)
  • Injured employees, health care providers, or their authorized representatives:
    Fill out the request for a review form. (Español)
  • For preauthorization exemption recissions related to HB 3459, see the link to “IRO FAQs” from the “Other Links” section at the bottom of this page.

Rules and regulations

Flow charts

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Last updated: 7/19/2023