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Texas Department of Insurance
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Commissioner Bulletins - 2003

2003 TDI Bulletin Links
Bulletin Number Date Issued Reference Subject
B-0051-03 12/29/03 Regarding Reminder to File CCP Forms Life, Health
B-0050-03 12/11/03 Regarding Eliminating Authority for TDI to Charge for Windstorm Inspection Property / Casualty
B-0048-03 12/3/03 Regarding Use of Credit Scoring in Certain Personal Lines of Insurance Property / Casualty
B-0044-03 11/10/03 Regarding Medicare Beneficiaries' Right to Change Medicare Coverage Life, Health
B-0043-03 10/29/03 Regarding 78th Session - Bill Summary and Highlights Pertinent to Life and Health Coverage Life, Health
B-0042-03 10/29/03 Regarding Verification Provisions of Amendments to Prompt Payment Laws (SB 418) Life, Health
B-0041-03 10/29/03 Regarding Carriers' Refusal to Verify Life, Health
B-0035-03 09/10/03 Regarding Adoption of Proposed Amendments to the Texas Commercial Lines Statistical Plan. Property / Casualty
B-0028-03 07/14/03 Regarding Senate Bill 14 legislative changes from 78th Session - SB14 FAQ in HTML Property / Casualty
B-0024-03 06/11/03 Regarding Coastal Barrier Resources Areas. Property / Casualty
B-0023-03 06/09/03 Annual Credit Data Call for Calendar Years 2002 - for Credit, Life and Accident and Health Insurance.
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Credit, Life and Accident and Health
B-0020-03 05/14/03 Regarding notification to all regulated entities and other interested parties relating to form filings and fees. Life, Accident, Health, and Annuity
B-0014-03 03/31/03 Adoption of the 2001 Commissioners Standard Ordinary (CSO) Mortality table Life, Health
B-0003-03 01/15/03 Regarding Adoption of New 28 TAC 5.4009, Concerning the International Residential Code and International Building Code Property / Casualty
B-0002-03 01/15/03 Adoption of Proposed Amendments to the Texas Commercial Lines Statistical Plan Property / Casualty

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