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Texas Department of Insurance
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February 2, 2022

Another Texas freeze in forecast? Podcast has steps to protect your home.


Just saying “freeze” can make a Texan flinch. We remember last winter.

But you can take steps to protect your home before temperatures drop.

For starters, wrap indoor pipes with insulation. Wrap your attic pipes first.

And when a freeze happens, you can run water through your indoor faucets – hot and cold – before you go to sleep. Or you can let faucets drip from the cold and hot taps. Be sure to follow your local government’s instructions, which may limit water use.

Hear more about prepping your home from the latest episode of “The Texas Insurance Podcast,” featuring David Yelovich, a Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners board member. The podcast closes with TDI advice on insurance and water-related damage.